Practical Resources for Intercultural Competence Development  

This resource list includes a sampling of books on specific intercultural training tools, books that can help prepare facilitators of Story Circles as well as those desiring to learn more about intercultural theory and knowledge, and websites of additional intercultural resources.  To date, the resources included here are those primarily available in English.  However, it is important to recognize that there are many other intercultural resources available in many different languages other than English.  Thus, this list serves as a starting point only and is a work in progress as intercultural resources continue to be added and developed in many languages around the world.    If you have intercultural competence resources to add (in any language), please send them to the following address: for inclusion on this site.


Berardo, K. & Deardorff, D.K.  (2012).  Building Cultural Competence:  Innovative Activities and Models.  Sterling, VA:  Stylus

Council of Europe. (2015).   TASKs for Democracy:  60 Activities to Learn and Assess Transversal Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge.  Strasbourg:  Council of Europe

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Kappler-Mikk, B., Cohen, A.D., & Paige, R.M.  (2009) Maximizing Study Abroad: An Instructional Guide to Strategies for Language and Culture Learning and Use. Minneapolis, MN: Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition

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Stringer, D. M., & Cassiday, P. A. (2009). 52 Activities for Improving Cross-cultural Communication. Yarmouth, ME: Intercultural Press


Some Practical Websites on Intercultural Tools and Resources

New Directions for Teaching and Learning (Number 157 – Spring 2019). Learning at Intercultural Intersections: Indigenization, Internationalization, and Intercultural Learning.

Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters.
CEFCult Toolkit for Intercultural Communicative Competence Training  Materials

50 Case Studies in Intercultural Communication:

Critical Incidents for Intercultural Communication:  An interactive tool for developing awareness, knowledge, and skills.

IEREST Intercultural Education Resources for Erasmus Students and Teachers

Intercultural Communication Bibliography

Intercultural Communication Institute.
http://www.intercultural. org

Intercultural Communication Resource Pack.  SALTO Youth.

Intercultural Training Pack

NAFSA Intercultural Activity Toolkit,_Learning,_and_Scholarship/Intercultural_Activity_Toolkit/

Portfolio on Intercultural Competences based on Human Rights (UNESCO)

What’s Up with Culture website, University of Pacific

Some Publications on Intercultural Concepts and Theories

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