Attend an Event

Here is a list of the regular events hosted by the World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence:

Annual Virtual Global Symposium

2-day event that features thought leaders and intercultural experts on trends and themes in intercultural and global competence around the world, usually in April or May

Annual Global Forum

A half-day event that features experts on a deep-dive topic within intercultural and global competence (such as ICC Virtual Learning, ICC Assessment, etc), usually in October.

Virtual Global Meet-Ups

Virtual gatherings of the entire World Council community and anyone interested in intercultural and global competence – occurs twice a year, usually May and November

Virtual Networking Events

Connect with others across languages, disciplines and cultures around intercultural and global competence, there are held periodically throughout the year

Monthly Speakers and Meetings

Monthly speakers and meetings are regular events through the 20+ working groups

Be sure to join World Council’s Workplace to connect with others across languages, cultures and disciplines, to learn about upcoming events and opportunities, to post about intercultural resources, and to engage in the working groups.