Our Team

Darla Deardorff, PhD
Founding President
Founding President of World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence, Dr. Darla Deardorff is author of eight books and over 60 articles/book chapters on intercultural competence and international education. She is affiliated faculty at numerous institutions around the world and is regularly invited to speak. Advisor to United Nations, Council of Europe, OECD.

Kelly Pengelly, MA
Strategy Team & Newsletter Editor
Kelly Pengelly leverages over 26 years of international higher education and cross-cultural and student development experience both domestically and internationally. Her expertise ranges from developing intercultural competence, student/young professional leadership, global exchange, event programming, service learning and partnership development. She holds an M.A. in Higher Education and Student Development from Taylor University.
Carine Ullom, EdD
Web Team Lead
Dr. Carine Ullom is Associate Dean of Instructional Innovation at Ottawa University (KS). She has over 20 years’ experience implementing educational technology in higher ed and is at her happiest when these technologies are leveraged in service of global and intercultural competence development among students of all ages through virtual exchange. She also serves on the board of UNICollaboration (unicollaboration.org) through which she provides faculty development for designing and delivering meaningful virtual exchange (a/k/a telecollaboration) experiences.
Nadine Binder, PhD
Strategy Team
Nadine is a trainer and coach specializing in intercultural competence, diversity & inclusion, and personal leadership. She received her PhD in Psychology from the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) for her research on intercultural competence development in higher education. Nadine is passionate about bridging research and practice to help people flourish. She has lived in Germany, Australia and the Netherlands and is currently based in Hamburg, Germany.
Emily Brokow
Newsletter Editor
Emily is an emerging librarian and freelance writer and editor. Raised in Southeast Asia, she is keenly aware of the importance of cross cultural experiences and intercultural communication. She has participated in several intercultural programs with the aim of fostering conversations across cultural boundaries. Emily is passionate about the use of information services to facilitate interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration. She holds an MLIS from Kent State University.
Hiba Ibrahim
Resource Team Co-Lead
Hiba is PhD student in applied linguistics at York University in Canada. Her PhD research lies in exploring tension sites in virtual exchange and the role of task design in eliciting intercultural mediation strategies. Through her empirical research and career, she's worked with school leaders, students, and teachers to develop curricula that promote ICC, collaboration and 21st century skills. Hiba earned her MA in education from UCL. Her research focused on incorporating ICC in EFL pedagogy.
Michael Fields, PhD, M.B.A
Web Team
Dr. Fields is currently a faculty member in the college of business at Eastern Oregon University and teaches numerous business, management, and leadership courses. He has over ten years of experience in higher education and spent six years in corporate settings prior to entering academia full-time. His area of research centers around higher education and the role it plays in developing students' intercultural competence skills.
Stephanie Mithika
Strategic Assistant Intern
Stephanie Mithika is a recent Politics, Philosophy and Economics graduate of Taylor University. As an international student from Kenya, Stephanie has come to value intercultural competence through her experiences advocating for international students and facilitating intercultural programs during her undergraduate career. She hopes to contribute to research on intercultural competence and collaboration, particularly within the fields of foreign policy and international development.
Angela Chung
Newsletter Team
Angela is a freshman at Duke University committed to learning about and spreading intercultural competence. Though still undeclared, she is interested in majoring in international comparative studies or history, with minor in economics. With specific interests in understanding how current perceptions of marginalized groups are shaped by selective historical narratives and media portrayals, she intends to unpack the nuances of Asian-American and non-male experiences.
Ana Sofia Hofmeyr
Newsletter Team and Early Careers Professionals Team Co-Lead
Ana Sofia Hofmeyr is a Lecturer of English as a Foreign Language at Kansai University, Japan. She has a BA in Modern Languages and Cultures from the University of Lisbon and an MA in Culture and Identity Studies from the University of St Andrews. She is currently working towards a PhD focused on internationalisation-at-home initiatives and intercultural competence in domestic students through Osaka University.
Lourdes Zilberberg
Early Careers Professionals Team Co-Lead
Director of the International Office and Local Director of the Confucius Institute at FAAP, Brazil. Dedicated to the study of internationalization and intercultural and global competence, she holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations (UDELAR, Uruguay), a MBA in International Business (FAAP Penn State, USA) a Master in Creativity and Innovation (Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal) and now She’s concluding a PhD in Policy and Management of Higher Education (UNTREF, Argentina).
Maria Hussain
Newsletter Team
Maria Hussain is an International Tutor at Leeds University Business School and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Maria has taught a wide range of both home and international students in higher education contexts. Currently her diverse role includes working with Study Abroad students, making recommendations on provision for international students and the embedding of internationalisation opportunity across the faculty. Maria’s research interests include internationalisation at home, interculturality, and critical reflective writing and course design.
Hayley Pottle
Newsletter Team
Hayley is dedicated to providing leadership development experiences in cross-cultural mentoring. Her experience involves program development for higher education, non-profit and governmental organizations. She currently serves as the Program Coordinator for TechGirls, U.S. Department of State initiative. She has a deep love for the Arabic language and recently returned from Jordan where she acted as the Project Development Manager for Hopes for Women in Education. She also serves as an Education Consultant for the University of Richmond focusing on Student Development. Hayley holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from VCU in Mass Communications & Business Studies.
Sarah Price, PhD
Newsletter Team
Dr Sarah Price is the Global Engagement Officer at Bournemouth University. She provides operational support for delivering the University's strategy for global engagement. Sarah supports international partnership developments as well as student and staff mobility projects. Having been an international student herself, as well as having worked all over Europe as part of doctoral work, she is passionate about the global outlook and intercultural competence of staff and students.