Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines


The World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence (WCIGC)’s Intercultural Connector aspires to help intercultural scholars and practitioners be creative, reflective, and generous in their work. The Intercultural Connector consists of a bi-annual newsletter and monthly blog and features contributions from World Council members and guests.


The Intercultural Connector aims to feature a variety of content, including peer-reviewed articles, art and poetry enhancements, book and resource reviews, and blog posts. Non-English or bilingual submissions are strongly encouraged for all categories.

  • Peer-Reviewed Articles: These articles should demonstrate significant scholarship or praxis. Articles submitted for peer review should:
    • be thought-provoking and useful for WCIGC membership;
    • respect the readers’ intelligence and time;
    • establish a credible source of authority, drawing on research or practice;
    • address trends in intercultural and global competence research or praxis;
    • already have been through an initial editing process prior to submission;
    • emphasize a human rights-based approach.
  • Blog Posts: Casual, conversational pieces related to ICC may be submitted as blog posts. Posts should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of ICC, respect the readers’ time and intelligence, and address relevant topics, but they do not need to complete a full peer review process. 
  • Enhancements: Traditional and digital art, poetry, spoken word, music, resources, and other content that inspires the audience to contemplate how we develop and demonstrate intercultural competence. 
  • Reviews: Reviews of books, resources, podcasts, webinars, and any other resources that would benefit the study and praxis of ICC. 


Contributors should also indicate the specific theme that best fits their submission: 

  • Guest Interculturalist—By invitation only. 
  • Current Issues—Pertinent and pressing issues in work related to intercultural and global competence.
  • Best Practices—Innovative, effective, and transferable to all fields of study and professions as related to intercultural and global competence.
  • Research on intercultural competence (ICC) and global competence—write up to a 1000 word article summarizing relevant research on ICC and Global Competence 
  • Intercultural Competence (ICC) and Specific Professional Fields—Exploring the intersection and integration with ICC and global competence (i.e. Business, Health, Criminal Justice, Diplomacy, Law, etc.).
  • Regional ICC Development—We welcome submissions on ICC and global competence development from all regions of the world including Caribbean, Central and South Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, MENA,  Oceania, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Western Europe, US & Canada.  We recognize the imbalance in ICC scholarship (as coming predominantly from the Global North)  and strongly encourage colleagues in the Global South to inform ICC knowledge by sharing ICC insights and discovery. 
  • Research & Reviews—Reviews and summaries of current scholarship and resources on ICC and global competence (this can be  in any language – along with a brief summary in English).
  • Resources & People—Interviews, clips, and other resources related to ICC and global competence  that  equips and empowers the WCIGC membership and readership.
  • Stories—Compelling narratives from the front lines of intercultural competence work.
  • Story Circles—Sharing experiences of using UNESCO’s Story Circles for developing intercultural competence.
  • Student Entries—Student perspectives on intercultural competence and global competence,
    • Graduate
    • Undergraduate
    • High School
  • Leader/Learner Column—Articles or projects featuring both teacher/student, mentor/mentee, or leader/learner perspectives.
  • ICC Food Memories—A blog column exploring the relationship between food and culture.
  • Special Editions—Themed special editions to be announced.


General Writers’ Guidelines:

Feature articles, reviews, interviews, actionable advice, columns, and other creative pieces will be subject to the guidelines that have been approved by the WCIGC Strategy Team.  

WCIGC’s Intercultural Connector Editorial Team reserves the right to select the best submissions received for the blog, biannual newsletters, and any special editions. Submissions will reflect the World Council mission to connect researchers, practitioners, educational institutions, and organizations across disciplines, languages, and countries to advance knowledge, research, and praxis of intercultural competence globally. Bilingual entries (any language submitted along with English translation) are strongly encouraged.

Peer Reviewed Article Submissions:

These are substantive articles related to intercultural competence. These articles should:

  • fall between 500-1000 words;
  • utilize APA style and documentation;
  • be submitted as a Microsoft Word or Google Document;
  • include a title and relevant keywords;
  • connect to one of the above themes;
  • be submitted to the Intercultural Connector editorial team and peer reviewers for review;
  • Optional: include relevant images, graphs, or other media. 

Authors submitting articles for peer review will receive more details about the peer review process upon submission acceptance. Anyone interested in joining the WCIGC editorial team as a peer reviewer should contact Emily Brokaw or Kelly Pengelly at

Blog Post Submissions:

These are shorter thought pieces related to intercultural competence but that do not require peer review. Blog posts should:

  • be 500 words or less;
  • follow APA style and documentation guidelines; 
  • be submitted as a Microsoft Word or Google Document;
  • include a title and relevant keywords;
  • connect to one of the above themes
  • Optional: include relevant images, graphs, or other media. 

Blog post submissions will be selected and reviewed by the editorial team. 


We welcome art, quotes, poetry, digital media, and resource submissions to complement the content of the newsletter and blog publications. Submit Intercultural Connector enhancements using the form above and following the appropriate guidelines.

Submitters are welcome to provide captions, personal reflections and interpretations, or reflection questions alongside their enhancement submissions.

Intercultural Artwork:
  • Images of Art:
    • Submitted as a high resolution image (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.) 
    • Image size should not exceed 1MB
  • Limit of 2 images (contact if more than 2)
  • Audio or Video: Spoken word poetry and other entries might be best communicated via audio or video productions. 
    • Submitted work should be entered as a video, presentation, audio, or image and/or link
Intercultural Quotes or Poetry:
  • Submitted using the textbox as plain text, a GoogleDocs link, or an image (PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.)
  • English translations for submissions in a different language
  • Author, date, and any relevant background information for the quotation
Intercultural Resources:
  • Indicate type of resource (e.g. book, webinar, podcast, etc.)
  • Include any relevant links or information on accessing and using the resource
  • Optional: Provide a review of resource


The Intercultural Connector Newsletter is published biannually, with occasional interim special editions. We accept article, blog post, and enhancement submissions at any time and will publish them on a rolling basis on the Intercultural Connector Blog. Peer review articles will be reviewed and published in the subsequent Intercultural Connector Newsletter Issue.


To ensure sufficient time for peer review, articles intended for the Spring/Summer Issue should be submitted by May 1st.


To pitch a World Council Intercultural Connector piece, email a brief summary describing the article idea, an approximate length, and expected date of completion to


If you have questions related to a specific part of the Intercultural Connector, please feel free to email us at