Tools & Resources

New Directions for Teaching and Learning (Number 157 – Spring 2019). Learning at Intercultural Intersections: Indigenization, Internationalization, and Intercultural Learning.

Addressing Educational Needs of Teachers in the EU for Inclusive Education in a Context of Diversity: Volume 1 Teachers’ Intercultural Competence: Working Definition and implications for Teacher Education

Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters.

CEFCult Toolkit for Intercultural Communicative Competence Training  Materials

50 Case Studies in Intercultural Communication:

Critical Incidents for Intercultural Communication:  An interactive tool for developing awareness, knowledge, and skills.

IEREST Intercultural Education Resources for Erasmus Students and Teachers

Intercultural Communication Bibliography

Intercultural Communication Institute.  http://www.intercultural. org

Intercultural Communication Resource Pack.  SALTO Youth.

Intercultural Training Pack

Intercultural Training with a Focus on Migration & Asylum

NAFSA Intercultural Activity Toolkit

PISA Global Competence Results

Portfolio on Intercultural Competences based on Human Rights (UNESCO)

Story Circles

What’s Up with Culture website, University of Pacific

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