The World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence connects researchers and practitioners across disciplines, languages, and countries to advance knowledge, research, and praxis of intercultural competence globally.


To foster a foundation for intercultural understanding across individual and societal differences in pursuit of a more peaceful world.


The World Council is grounded in four principles:

  1. Global Collaboration –brings together researchers and practitioners from around the world on issues related to intercultural competence development and assessment, forming a global collaborative network
  2. Interdisciplinarity –promotes cross-fertilization of disciplinary insights, a great need in intercultural competence research
  3. Praxis –encourages links between research, reflection, and practice/action
  4. Engagement –engages a wide variety of stakeholders, beyond researchers, through outreach and technology


  • Intercultural Connector online publication
  • UNESCO Intercultural Facilitators Network (trained in UNESCO intercultural methodology)
  • ICC Global Researchers’ Network
  • Working Groups on Intercultural and Global Competence*
  • World Council virtual events
  • Online platform that serves as a connecting place for intercultural and global competence resources in different languages and disciplines
  • Regional think tanks on intercultural competence, bringing together researchers, thought leaders, practitioners, and other stakeholders
  • Seals of Excellence
  • Intercultural and global projects

Non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization incorporated in North Carolina, USA.

Support the work of the World Council. If you’ve participated in a World Council webinar, event or benefited from one of our resources, consider contributing the value and impact it had for you. 

Tax-deductible donations may be mailed to World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence, 4142 Wallingford Place, Durham NC 27707 USA