Volunteer Teams

Our volunteer teams are at the heart of the World Council. They keep the organization running by maintaining this website, organizing events, editing and publishing the Intercultural Connector, compiling and sharing resources with the community, and more.

We are always happy to welcome new volunteers to any of our teams. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact Amy Rasmussen:

Volunteer Teams

Executive Team

The Executive Team coordinates and oversees all efforts within the World Council and serves as the implementation team for the World Council with regard to the short and long term vision and direction for the organization, in the short and long term, as directed by the board. 

The Executive Team currently consists of Founding President Dr. Darla K. Deardorff, Dr. Nadine Binder, Fran Baxter, and Marcela Lapertosa.

The Executive Team is supported by Volunteer Assistants. Our current Volunteer Assistants are Amy Rasmussen, Sena Kpodzro and Dr. Yovana S. Veerasamy.

Community Engagement Team

The Community Engagement Team is developing ways for the World Council community to connect and engage with each other.

Community Engagement Coordinator: Fran Baxter

Event Team

The Event Team is responsible for maintaining and updating the calendar of events on the World Council website as well as to reviewing event proposals submitted by working groups. The team also coordinates and organizes the World Council’s bi-annual global online meet-ups and assists with any other event-related tasks.

Event Coordinator: Dr. Nadine Binder

Media & Communication Team

The Media and Communication Team is communicating ICC/GC-related news and World Council activities via social media, such as our LinkedIn page.

Media & Communication Coordinator: Marcela Lapertosa

Partnerships & Grants Team

The Partnerships & Grants Team helps to identify potential partners and funders for the World Council.

Partnerships & Grants Coordinator: Dr. Darla Deardorff

Publication/Editorial (newsletter, blog)

The Publication/Editorial Team is responsible for the World Council Newsletter (Intercultural Connector) and blog through soliciting submissions, reading and selecting submissions, editing articles, and developing creative design.

Editors: Emily Brokaw & Kelly Pengelly

Resource Team

The Resource Team is responsible for maintaining and updating World Council resources on the website/database. Working groups are encouraged to add resources to the website/database and can request support and help from the resource coordinator. The resource coordinator is supported by ad-hoc volunteers. 

Resource Coordinator: Dr. Yovana S. Veerasamy

Web Team

The Web Team maintains and updates the World Council website. This involves researching and adding plug-ins, supporting the maintenance of the calendar of events and resource databases, as well as adding information to our website including updating volunteer profiles.

Web Team Coordinator: Hayley Pottle

Working Groups Support

The working groups provide a space to discuss and work on more specific topics of interest around the overarching theme of intercultural and global competencies (ICC/GC). Each working group is coordinated by volunteer leaders who serve for a renewable term of two years. Working group activities include but are not limited to writing blog posts for the World Council website, adding resources to the World Council website and database, organizing and hosting events (e.g. webinars) for the World Council community on topics related to intercultural and global competence, contributing newsletter articles for the World Council’s Intercultural Connector, as well as developing ideas for future publications or projects as the group sees fit. Please find our overview of all working groups and their leaders here.

Working Groups Support: Amy Rasmussen & Dr. Nadine Binder