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Five Ingredients of Powerful Online Training: Promoting ICC/GC in the Virtual Space

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe, many intercultural and global competence activities have had to move online—from meetings to formal and informal learning interventions to virtual exchange programs and online training. As an intercultural trainer working with clients from the nonprofit and corporate sector, higher education, the criminal justice system, and public authorities, I found myself wondering if it is possible to promote experiential learning and facilitate development of intercultural and global competence online.  Fast forward to January 2021: Yes, it is possible! And it can be quite fun!  The nonprofit organization that I work for has just finished […]

Have We Done Something Wrong?

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It occurred to me recently that an occupational hazard in our field, a hazard for trainers and lecturers, especially, is that without meaning to—and certainly without wanting to—we put people on the defensive. And needless to say, people who are on the defensive don’t appreciate being there and are not very likely to thank you for upsetting them. Let me explain. Very often in our field, we are trying to expose people to worldviews, values, norms, et cetera that are different from their own, sometimes very different. Nothing wrong with that, of course, and if that’s all we were doing, […]

An Interview with Craig Storti

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What first drew you to intercultural communication and cross-cultural work? Like many people of a certain age, it was my time in the Peace Corps. I did not join the PC for an intercultural experience—I joined to escape going to Vietnam—but having had one, I was eventually able to use that experience to start a consulting/training business, helped immensely by the cachet that publishing my first couple of books bought me. What has surprised you most in all your years of training and engaging in intercultural communication work? I don’t know if it’s what surprised me, but what I have […]