Four Pedagogical Moves to Sustain an Intercultural Competence Learning Group Online

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Most trainers would argue that developing IC is much better when you can interact with other people in person. What do we do when physical distance limits face to face interactions because of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world? How can we create an IC online community?  In this article, I share what worked well for me as a learning facilitator. Discover some of the pedagogical moves I used to create a safe and brave space on Zoom at Hawken School in Ohio, US where we engaged in a 6-week learning group to become more interculturally competent.  1. Uphold a […]

Intercultural Dialogue: Why we need it in our classrooms

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Globalization has changed the way the world operates. The world is changing at a very fast pace and globalized societies have made effective cross-cultural communication more important than ever. These changes have provided many opportunities, and challenges  and to respond constructively to the changes of the 21st century, students need to be equipped to understand, critique and transform the social and cultural conditions they live in. This calls for a transformation in education focused on developing skills for multicultural understanding. The aim of such a transformative intervention is to enable the learners’ understanding to transition from an ethnocentric to an ethnorelative stance […]