“Transcultural Cooperation & Leadership” working group kick-off meeting

Join us for the first meeting of our new working group on Transcultural Cooperation and Leadership on June 2, 2021, starting at 5pm CEST.

This working group addresses the conceptual and practical implications of a transcultural perspective as a relational view on cultural complexity. Such a perspective includes a shift in focus to commonalities (in their relation to cultural differences, similarities, etc.) and particularly to corresponding learning processes and other determinants of mutually beneficial cooperation. Against this backdrop, transcultural leadership refers to the individual and organizational competencies to create new commonalities beyond cultural borders.
The aim of the working group is to:
  • discuss the conceptual offer of transculturality and a relational view on cultural diversity
  • discuss practical implications
  • organize an international and interdisciplinary conference on the transcultural approach (including publications)

If you would like to receive the meeting link for the kick-off on June 2 or generally express your interest to join this working group, please contact working group coordinators Julika Baumann Montecinos and Tobias Grünfelder via email.

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