Intercultural Frameworks for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work with Dr. Amer F. Ahmed

Intercultural approaches are often adopted by those in organizations who engage in international and ‘global’ efforts while Diversity, Equity and Inclusion tend to be viewed as only applicable in U.S. contexts.  As the trend of ‘Globalizing’ Business, Higher Education and other sectors rapidly accelerates, there are many missed opportunities due to the lack of synthesis of the two approaches.  This dichotomy often prevents us from understanding the relationship between local and global factors that impact our ability to engage constituencies holistically.  In addition, the integration of these approaches better highlights the historical context and inequities created from power dynamics that must be considered in order to effectively navigate intercultural realities in our world today.

This event is an online webinar. Cost is $25 for non SIETAR members and free for current members.

To register, visit the event page here.

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