IDEA Virtual Conference 2021: Global Citizenship and Inequality in 2021: Forging a new Path?

Global Citizenship and Inequality in 2021: Forging a new Path?

Tuesday – Thursday, 22 – 24 June

The Covid 19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on inequality worldwide. Affecting all areas of our lives, it has been a shared experience on a global scale. It has focused our attention on the differing responses to and impact of Covid 19, highlighting inequality both locally and globally. Being unable to control factors affecting our well-being, safety, or livelihoods, has given us all insight into the day-to-day reality of inequality. It has also given us a unique experience of global interconnectedness, showing how even small actions can impact millions around the world, for better or worse.

Last year was characterised by empathy and solidarity, but with vaccine roll-outs promising an end in sight for some, have we reached a crossroads? Will that sense of solidarity lead us to ‘build back fairer’, or is fatigue setting in and will the comfort of the familiar prove too strong?

Covid has given us a lived experience of how essential global solidarity is, but how can we keep that sense of global citizenship alive?

How can Global Citizenship Education help people process this experience so that the lessons learnt inspire systemic change?

Join us, 22-24 June, for the IDEA Virtual Conference 2021, to explore these questions and what we can do to forge a new path towards a rights-based recovery that supports equality for all.

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