Free Webinar: Zoom Bootcamp with Dr. Nadine Binder

Across the globe, many educators, trainers, and other professionals rely on Zoom to facilitate learning sessions, meetings, or workshops on intercultural or global competence. In this 60-minute online session, you will learn how to use various functions of Zoom which are key to an interactive and powerful session (such as the annotate functions, polls, breakout rooms, and more) and receive advice on additional tools and methods to engage your learners or meeting participants from different backgrounds. If you can stay on for a few extra minutes, our speaker Dr. Nadine Binder will be available for a short Q&A session at the end and to facilitate any tips you want to share with each other.

Please note that we are offering the same session twice to be more inclusive of different time zones – register for the one that fits your schedule better:

16 February 2021 at 8.00am PST / 11.00am EST / 5.00pm CET
(most suitable for the Americas, Middle East and Africa, and Europe)
Register here!


16 February 2021 at 8.00am CET / 3.00pm CST / 4.00pm JST / 6.00pm AEDT
(most suitable for Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Europe)
Register here!


Please contact Dr. Nadine Binder ( with any questions regarding the Zoom Boot Camp Session. Many thanks to Dr. Binder, who serves on World Council’s Strategy Team!

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