Seminar: Intersectionality in intercultural encounters- second call for papers

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Intersectionality in Intercultural Encounters  Second call for papers  Please note: Papers can be in the form of presentations (of research or teaching materials,  discussion papers, work in progress; all of approx 20 minutes- thanks!  It is a pleasure to invite you to a one-day seminar organised by The British Association for Applied Linguistics, with a special interest in Intercultural Communication Research and Pedagogy (BAAL IC-SIG). This seminar is to encourage multi- and inter-disciplinary exchanges on the phenomenon of intercultural communication (competence) and its relationship with and within Applied Linguistics.  Seminar Title : Intersectionality in Intercultural Encounters Dates : Friday, May 17th, 2019 Location : University of Sheffield, Humanities Research Institute Deadline : Monday […]