A Place Beyond Belief: MULTILOGUE

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Moving beyond cross-cultural and intercultural competences, practitioners and researchers are now investigating what transcultural competence can mean for our tribe of explorers working in diversity. Diversities of any kind, be they ethnic, racial, national, gender, generational, socio-educational, political, professional, cognitive, religious or others, are social constructs which we have created and reinforced. Researchers into transcultural competence are investigating what happens when we move beyond and through cultural boundaries and dimensions to the liminal space which appears between. No longer is it sufficient to view cultures as islands or things, we now see the liminal third culture space as a fertile […]

Kindness Rocks

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I recently published a book on intercultural competence with my friend and colleague, Professor Irina Golubeva. We had a lot of trouble coming up with an idea for the front cover and did not want to use a stock image.  One of my hobbies is making kindness rocks. These are rocks that you paint with words of wisdom or other fun and inspirational pictures. You then leave these rocks for others to find on footpaths, park benches, or other places.  The practice of making and hiding kindness rocks, which started several years ago in the United States, is now found […]

Using Art to Connect People in a Time of Isolation

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In spring of 2020 it became clear that the coronavirus pandemic would radically separate people worldwide—not only from others beyond their own cultural communities, but also from people within their communities. As the coronavirus was pulling people apart, I wondered what I could do personally to find a way to bring us together virtually. I hoped to capture and reinforce the sense of belonging and diversity I’ve found in SIETAR and to promote the mission of intercultural exchange and mediation that are at the heart of my own work and daily life. The importance of bridge-building and connecting communities is […]

Cross-cultural Dignity: Some Rhymed Reflections

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by Francisco Cardosa Gomes de Matos, a peace linguist-educator from Recife, Brazil. Dedicated to Michael Prosser Crossculturally are we learning to live?To Global Cross-cultural Dignity what can we give? When aspects of cultures we compareDo we show them as mutually dignifying pairs?When aspects of cultures we describeHow wisely do we deal with cultural norms they prescribe? Crossculturally, how will Humankind advance?By educating every person/community cross-cultural cooperation to enhance Crossculturally Dignity: when do we seriously violate?When our culture from other cultures we narrow-mindedly isolate Crossculturally how can the world improve East and West?When crossculturally dignifying ways we share our best When […]

Faceless American

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Kayla Cochran is a junior at Old Dominion University pursuing a degree in Painting and Drawing and an additional degree in Art History. She is also a Gallery Host at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, VA. You can reach her at kaylamcochran@icloud.com and you can find more of her work on Instagram @kay_cochran_ Submitted by Elliott C. Jones, Associate Professor & CDA, Art Department, Old Dominion University