Intercultural Dialogue: Why we need it in our classrooms

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Globalization has changed the way the world operates. The world is changing at a very fast pace and globalized societies have made effective cross-cultural communication more important than ever. These changes have provided many opportunities, and challenges  and to respond constructively to the changes of the 21st century, students need to be equipped to understand, critique and transform the social and cultural conditions they live in. This calls for a transformation in education focused on developing skills for multicultural understanding. The aim of such a transformative intervention is to enable the learners’ understanding to transition from an ethnocentric to an ethnorelative stance […]

Intercultural Competence – Connecting Across Cultures and Languages

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Intercultural competence spans all countries and cultures and we invite you to reflect on this quotation from Octavio Paz, Mexican Poet, Writer and Diplomat and share intercultural competence quotes from your language and culture (both English and non-English speaking cultures). What leaders in cultural competency do you admire? What quotations inspire you?

Yalla Talk

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One of the challenges in fostering intercultural dialogue and intercultural competence are the barriers constructed as a result of cultural, linguistic, and religious differences. Hiba Ibrahim’s Yalla Talk sought to break down these barriers, inviting Jordanian and non-Jordanian youth to come together for “culture circles.” The talks allowed students to meet face-to-face to discuss culture, religion and to build language skills in a safe and respectful environment, exposing them to a broad array of subjects and skills. Though Yalla Talk no longer hosts regular discussions, the organization has helped pave the way for similar intercultural dialogues, both in person and […]

TechGirls & Story Circles

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In an increasingly globalized world, intercultural competency skills are more essential than ever. TechGirls, an initiative of the U.S. Department of State administered by Legacy International, aims to develop these skills as it equips and empowers girls to pursue careers in science and technology. Through Story Circles, an intercultural methodology from UNESCO (See article in this newsletter), TechGirls participants learn to engage individuals from different cultures and backgrounds to share their stories and their voices.  TechGirls is an international summer exchange for girls ages 15-17 from 12 countries across Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and the US. The program […]