Transnational online space(s) for intercultural educators: How to maintain a critical self-reflection practice during a pandemic

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When the pandemic became a worldwide issue in 2020, online spaces became a necessary tool for continuing personal and professional intercultural competence journeys. Over the course of four weeks (12 hours overall) in January/February 2021, four researchers from around the world came together online to explicate 20+ readings. These conversations engaged us in defining interculturality, reading through and discussing a range of research studies. They also led us to regularly consider our own identities as intercultural researchers studying the field of interculturality and education. Living and working in various parts of the world (New York, Massachusetts, Tokyo, and Sydney) meant that […]

Listening to Underrepresented Voices

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An update from the World Council working group on Bringing more Underrepresented Voices to Intercultural Competence Research and a call for contributions to an annotated bibliography project  Hello, colleagues and friends in the World Council and beyond. Our working group would like to tell you about a project we have been working on. Over the past few months, our group came together  with the goal of opening spaces for and amplifying underrepresented voices in intercultural research. We soon decided, though, that the first step towards this goal needed to be a review of the “state of the field”—that is, what […]

Dynamic Reflective Assessment and the ‘Insta Generation’: The Case of Measuring Intercultural Competence in Study Abroad

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Engaging in Study Abroad (SA) is such an immersive and potentially transformative experience where students are able to develop their academic and employability competencies, such as intercultural competence (ICC). With workforces becoming increasingly globalised this has become a key graduate attribute for young professionals. However,  unlike other immersive experiences such as the ‘Year in Industry’ where benefits are clear to both students and potential employers, for SA the onus is on students to ‘make sense’ of this transformative experience in terms of articulating their experience and development to potential employers. What did you do? Why did you do it?  I […]

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Five Ingredients of Powerful Online Training: Promoting ICC/GC in the Virtual Space

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe, many intercultural and global competence activities have had to move online—from meetings to formal and informal learning interventions to virtual exchange programs and online training. As an intercultural trainer working with clients from the nonprofit and corporate sector, higher education, the criminal justice system, and public authorities, I found myself wondering if it is possible to promote experiential learning and facilitate development of intercultural and global competence online.  Fast forward to January 2021: Yes, it is possible! And it can be quite fun!  The nonprofit organization that I work for has just finished […]