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Here is a list of the regular events hosted by the World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence:

Annual Global Forum

2023 Global Forum

The 2023 Global Forum of the World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence is May 24-25, 2023 and will feature a keynote from Gert Jan Hofstede, along with other speakers.  The forum will include networking and breakout discussions, as well as these special presentations:

Wednesday, May 24th

  • Welcome and Keynote
  • Plenary Panel Discussion
  • Working Group Presentations and Discussion
  • Research Forum on Intercultural Competence

Thursday, May 25th

  • Welcome and Plenary Panel Discussion
  • UNESCO Presentation on Intercultural Dialogue Framework
  • Working Group Presentations and Discussions
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Global Inclusion Workshop

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  • Keynote Speakers: Gert Jan Hofstede, PhD
  • Plenary Panelists: Carolyn Calloway-Thomas, PhD; Peter Nwosu, PhD; Rhonda Zaharna, PhD; Seema Srivastava
  • Workshop Presenter: Amer F. Ahmed and Bert Vercamer

Sponsors include Podium Education, Universidad de Monterrey, University of Waterloo, AFS Intercultural Programs, Purdue University CILMAR, Global Inclusion, CulturaGo, Institute for Developing Across Differences, PATEN and The PIE.


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Previous Events

The World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence held its inaugural Global Forum on March 7-8, 2022 featuring keynote speakers Fons Trompenaars, Craig Storti, Veronica Boix Mansilla and Michael Byram, along with Darla K. Deardorff.  As part of the Forum, UNESCO made a special presentation on UNESCO Story Circles.  With participants and speakers from around the world,  this virtual two-day event also featured a research forum.  Sponsors included Diamond Sponsor Podium Education and Gold Sponsor Value Learning.

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Virtual Global Meet-Ups

Virtual gatherings of the entire World Council community and anyone interested in intercultural and global competence – occurs twice a year, usually May and November.

Register for the Global Meet-Up on May 9, 2023 >

Virtual Networking Events

Connect with others across languages, disciplines and cultures around intercultural and global competence, there are held periodically throughout the year

Annual Virtual Global Symposium

2023 Global Symposium

The 2023 Global Symposium will be held virtually in October 2023 on the topic of Assessing Intercultural Competence.  Watch for more details!

Previous Events

The World Council on Intercultural and Global Competence held its inaugural Global Symposium on October 3, 2022 which featured keynote presentations from Robert O’Dowd, Keiko Ikeda, and Stephanie Doscher. Sponsors included Gazelle International and Global Inclusion.

Monthly Speakers and Meetings

Monthly speakers and meetings are regular events through the 20+ working groups

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