About ICC Global

ICC Global is a global research and development network that harnesses the expertise of leading intercultural researchers from around the world into exploring the remaining unchartered areas of intercultural research with practical applications for development in education, international development, business, engineering, health care, social work, human resources, media, foreign languages, public diplomacy, community services, public safety, and organizations.

ICC Global is grounded in four principles:

  1. Global Collaboration – ICC Global brings together researchers from around the world on issues related to intercultural competence development and assessment, forming a global collaborative network
  2. Interdisciplinarity – ICC Global promotes cross-fertilization of disciplinary insights, a great need in intercultural competence research
  3. Praxis – ICC Global encourages links between research, reflection, and practice/action
  4. Engagement – ICC Global engages a wide variety of stakeholders, beyond researchers, through outreach and technology

ICC Global aims to do the following:

  1. Encourage collaboration among colleagues from around the world, creating a global ICC network, both of ICC scholars and also of ICC graduate students
  2. Provide a supportive community for graduate students working on ICC-related studies
  3. Serve as a global clearinghouse on resources, studies, assessments and publications related to intercultural competence
  4. Develop research partnerships on ICC-related studies
  5. Promote best practices on ICC-development and assessment

In addition, ICC Global will soon:

  • Be a “marketplace” to connect potential funders (including corporations wishing to engage in ICC research & development) with researchers
  • Provide outreach programs, consulting, and online courses globally in intercultural development