Cross-cultural Dignity: Some Rhymed Reflections

by Francisco Cardosa Gomes de Matos, a peace linguist-educator from Recife, Brazil.

Dedicated to Michael Prosser

Crossculturally are we learning to live?
To Global Cross-cultural Dignity what can we give?

When aspects of cultures we compare
Do we show them as mutually dignifying pairs?
When aspects of cultures we describe
How wisely do we deal with cultural norms they prescribe?

Crossculturally, how will Humankind advance?
By educating every person/community cross-cultural cooperation to enhance

Crossculturally Dignity: when do we seriously violate?
When our culture from other cultures we narrow-mindedly isolate

Crossculturally how can the world improve East and West?
When crossculturally dignifying ways we share our best

When cross-cultural dignifiers will become?
When all forms of crosscultural humiliation we prevent and overcome

Dignidade Intercultural: Algumas Reflecções Rimadas

por Francisco Cardosa Gomes de Matos, um educador-linguista da paz do Recife, Brasil

Dedicado a Michael Prosser

Interculturalmente aprendemos a viver?
À Dignidade Intercultural Global, o que podemos oferecer?

Quando aspectos da cultura comparamos
Como pares multualmente dignificados os mostramos?
Quando aspectos da cultura apresentamos
Com que sabedoria, com as normas culturais prescritas lidamos?

Interculturalmente, como irá a Humanidade avançar?
Educando toda a pessoa/comunidade a cooperação intercultural a melhorar

Interculturalmente Dignidade: quando é que seriamente violamos?
Quando a nossa cultura das outras culturas mesquinhamente isolamos

Interculturalmente, como pode o mundo melhorar Oriente e Ocidente?
Quando o nosso melhor partilharmos de modos dignificados interculturalmente

Quando os dignificadores interculturais se irão tornar?
Quando todas as formas de humiliação intercultural conseguirmos evitar e superar

Reflection by María Alejandra Fumaroni, Argentina:

This poem reflects on cross-cultural dignity from a Latin American writer’s point of view.

How often do you check the time and, meanwhile, the sun is brighter here, the moon is illuminating the sky there? Whereas wars are happening all over the world, we as human beings think about that with sadness…but how often are we concerned about inequities, isolation and discrimination?  

When you see the expressions on those faces…Can you imagine how the lack of a sense of belonging feels in the heart?

This poem was originally printed in 2013 by Center for Intercultural Dialogue. Learn more about the author.

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