IACCM-IESEG 2019 Conference: Oct 31- Nov 2, Paris, France


Intercultural competencies for a disruptive VUCA world: Exploring creativity, innovation, resilience & resistance in intercultural research, training & management

IACCM-IESEG 2019 Conference:  Oct 31- Nov 2, Paris, France.  Theme” Intercultural competencies for a disruptive VUCA world” Contact:

While globalisation with its quick flows of people, information and technology has been a fact for many years and many lessons have been learnt, the ever-increasing scale and pace nonetheless adds to the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) the world finds itself in today, with the challenges posed seemingly increasing rather than decreasing.

The conference theme thus focuses on creativity and innovation as we want to explore new approaches and ideas to familiar problems that nonetheless present themselves anew every day.

Exploring these VUCA dynamics and how intercultural competence is and can be used to navigate these challenging waters therefore seems to be more important than ever. The conference aims to continue the dialogue between scholars, trainers and practitioners as all three groups will contribute valuable insights to this discussion and to explore together new and creative ways of promoting and embedding intercultural competence in organisations and to managing in a VUCA world.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Paris.

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