The Making Global Learning Universal Podcast

Check out a new resource to support the infusion of global learning across the curriculum and co-curriculum, the Making Global Learning Universal Podcast!

The Making Global Learning Universal Podcast is a collection of conversations about engaging diverse perspectives, collaboration, and complex problem solving in higher education—on campus, online, in local communities, and abroad. Episodes are posted seasonally. Season 1’s episodes feature faculty who have designed and taught courses as part of Florida International University’s institution-wide Global Learning for Global Citizenship initiative. Future seasons will involve guests from a wide variety of institutions, geographies, and areas of teaching, research, and practice. Visit to access recordings, show notes, transcripts, and discussion guides that enhance global learning professional development, leadership, and teacher preparation. You can subscribe via the RSS feed or access the podcast via iTunesSpotify, or Stitcher. The Making Global Learning Universal Podcast is also listed on MERLOT.

Season 1 
Episode 1: Melissa Baralt on Second Language Instruction, Global Learning, and Global Citizenship

Episode 2: Sandy Skelaney on Leading Students from Awareness to Empathy, Engagement, and Changemaking

Episode 3: Micah Oelze on Making History Relevant through Global Learning and Hashtag Pedagogies

Episode 4: Alok Deoraj on Introducing Students to Global Public Health

Episode 5: Heather Blatt on Gaining a Global Perspective through Medieval Monster Literature

Episode 6: Michaela Moura-Koçoğlu on Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

Episode 7: Anna Bernardo Bricker on Global Learning and Engineering Education

Episode 8: Kate Houghton on the Power of Global Learning Professional Development

Episode 9: Dennis Wiedman on Raising and Connecting Global Indigenous Voices

Episode 10: John Buschman on Developing Global Citizens for the Hospitality Industry and Beyond

Episode 11: Mitzi Carter on Perspective Consciousness and Cultural Discomfort

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