Seminar: Intersectionality in intercultural encounters- second call for papers

Intersectionality in Intercultural Encounters  Second call for papers

 Please note: Papers can be in the form of presentations (of research or teaching materials,  discussion papers, work in progress; all of approx 20 minutes- thanks! 

It is a pleasure to invite you to a one-day seminar organised by The British Association for Applied Linguistics, with a special interest in Intercultural Communication Research and Pedagogy (BAAL IC-SIG). This seminar is to encourage multi- and inter-disciplinary exchanges on the phenomenon of intercultural communication (competence) and its relationship with and within Applied Linguistics. 

Seminar Title : Intersectionality in Intercultural Encounters

Dates : Friday, May 17th, 2019

Location : University of Sheffield, Humanities Research Institute

Deadline : Monday 11th March 2019

More information : Visit https://baalicsig.wordpress.com/ 

The seminar seeks to address the purpose and role of intercultural communication theory, applied linguistics and language teaching to address the following questions:

1. What is power and dominance, privilege and systemic advantage in intercultural relationships and discourse? How are they manifested in intercultural encounters?

2. When people are in unequal relations, how do they resist, contest and claim alternative identities and roles? What does this look like in reality and what is the process of recognising and equalising intercultural encounters?

3. What materials and practices can we adopt which recognise culture as complex, transformative dynamic, fluid, ever changing, contested and ambiguous. How can we teach this perspective in our language classroom?

Please submit your abstracts (100 – 200 words), indicating whether your proposal fits into 1, 2 or 3 (a combination is acceptable).

The information related to abstract submission and seminar details is available at https://baalicsig.wordpress.com/
 Donna Humphrey & Jane Woodin on behalf of the The ICSIG CommitteeIntercultural Communication SIG, BAALhttp://www.baalicsig.wordpress.com


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