Call for papers: Perspectives and discourses on student mobility and interculturality

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Call for papers

Special issue on the journal Language and Intercultural Communication
Deadline for proposals: 15th April 2015
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[working title] Perspectives and discourses on student mobility and interculturality

Perspectives on student mobility are varied, and carry with them a number of motivations and expectations on the part of the different stakeholders, be they international political organisations, education institutions (including teachers, staff, and policy makers) or the students themselves. Some of these expectations concern the intercultural dimension of the mobility experience.

This special issue intends to gather a series of contributions which explore, among other topics, the features, dynamics, advantages and shortcomings of student mobility in terms of the relationship between study abroad and young people’s interculturality (i.e. intercultural learning). It seeks to go beyond easy assumptions about the impact of students’ international experiences on their interculturality, by giving ample space to theoretically sound empirical studies. The different perspectives of the actors involved in student mobility are highlighted (i.e. students and their families, academic staff, mobility programs administrators, national and international policy makers). Although we encourage the submission of research papers, conceptual contributions which critically address what interculturality means in the context of student mobility are welcome.

Students’ perspectives:
• Mobile students’ expectations towards the intercultural dimension of living and studying abroad.
• From the point of view of the students, which intercultural skills do they need? Which will they be able to develop? Which are not important?
• Mobile students and interculturality: relationships between established (e.g. families) and new communities.
• What about the views of non-mobile students on issues of interculturality?

Teachers and academic staff’s perspectives:
• Teacher education and the intercultural dimensions.
• Student mobility, internationalisation, and intercultural staff training: what is offered? What is needed?
• Teaching and assessing interculturality for mobility purposes.

National and international policies on mobility and education:
• What is mobility for? How does it relate to interculturality?
• Representations of mobility and interculturality in public discourses and/or official documents.

Languages and mobility:
• The role of language learning in the development of interculturality during mobility.
• Development of plurilingual identities while abroad.

Potential contributors are invited to submit a 500-word proposal in English by 15th April 2015 to and
Authors will be notified by the 10th May 2015.
The authors of the accepted papers will be invited to write a fully developed research article (maximum 7000 words). Deadline for submission of full papers: 1st October 2015. After a double-blind peer-review process, a maximum of 12 articles will be selected for publication in a special issue of Language and Intercultural Communication.