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What is the latest in research on intercultural competence? What research questions would you like feedback on? What are some possible areas of research collaboration with ICC colleagues from different cultures and disciplines? This is the place to share information, feedback and questions related to research on intercultural competence.

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Posting to ICC Global

All - We are in the process of upgrading this site to make it more usable (many thanks for suggestions that you've passed along!) In the meantime, it would be best if you do sign your name at the end of the posting, so we can see who's posting... Many thanks! - Darla

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Cultural Intelligence?

All - I just returned from speaking at a "Cultural Intelligence Summit" in Los Angeles - see http://culturalq.com/summit.html - the summit was attended by mostly those from Business Schools and those in the corporate world and it seems like this is one of the terms being used there to describe "intercultural competence." I'm curious as to what you think of the term "cultural intelligence" and if you've come across it in any of the literature you've read... interestingly, there's also a CQ assessment tool that was being marketed there.... I look forward to your thoughts on this!

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Hindrances to Face-to-Face Intercultural Communication among Arab and Spanish-speakers. Article Reviewed by Silvia Vilar

I have found an interesting article that deals with differences in patterns of communication between Arabs and Spanish-speakers. The most interesting aspect is that suggestions on how to improve lesson plans are provided, but also how both sides can adjust better to their respective perception of cultural difference by means of knowing the system of interpretation/values that the members of the second culture grant without being aware to all their communicative acts. The review is attached here. Very informative.

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Intercultural communication skills for the workplace

Employees in the global workplace must be able to communicate with colleagues, clients, business partners, etc from different cultural backgrounds in particular work contexts. In order to engage in “procedural strategies” (Kramsch, 2007, p. 61) such as taking turns during conversation, participating in group activities, asking questions, debating and contributing ideas in such contexts, employees must be aware not only of similarities and differences between their own and other cultures but also of cultural biases, both their own and others’.

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Keeping up with news on ICC and internationalisation of HE

Dear colleagues,
I just wanted to share with you my Scoop.it page - Global Citizens and Internationalisation of HE - http://www.scoop.it/t/global-citizens-and-internationalisation-of-he
Scoop.it has allowed to curate news on this topic while keeping up-to-date with various other topics of interest.
I post on everything from events and conferences around the world to the latest journal articles on this topic.

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Do as the Romans do?

Dear All:

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Do as the Romans do?

Dear All:

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ICC Global meeting - virtual asynchronous meeting?

For those who are part of this ICC GLOBAL network, it would be really good if we could hold a virtual asynchronous meeting to be able to have more of a discussion with each other - this could be on current research and ways to collaborate with each other (ie for funding, etc), or it could be on a specific topic of interest (such as ICC assessment)... if you are interested in an asynchronous meeting, please respond here or email Darla Deardorff directly at d.deardorff@duke.edu.

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Posting from Larry Braskamp- Response to "I'm Not Racist, but..."

Dear Colleagues,

Inside Higher Education recently published an article, ”I’m Not
Racist, But,” discussing the campus climate for international
students, and describing some American students’ views and actions
toward them.

My colleague, Chris Glass, and I wrote a response, "Foreign Students
and Tolerance, which was published in the October 26 edition of Inside
Higher Education.

Based on our research on the survey of international student using the
Global Perspective Inventory (GPI) we offered these highlights:

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Intercultural Competence and Intercultural Sensitivity

Dear all,
In my research I would like to deepen the analysis of the difference between "Intercultural Competence" and "Intercultural Sensitivity". Do you think they could be used as synonyms? If not, which is the difference, also according to the literature?
Thanks a lot!

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Welcome to a new school year! Let's discuss ... research!

All - A very warm welcome to all of you at the start of this new school year. Hope your school year is off to a good start. We want to extend a special welcome to those of you who have joined us in the last few months. Welcome to ICC Global - this is where we discuss current research on intercultural competence and in so doing, share resources, ideas and support. It is hoped that through this sharing and through ICC Global, that new synergies may emerge as we learn from each other.

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ICC GLOBAL on permanent server now... time to invite other colleagues!

It is my pleasure to offically welcome you to ICC Global, which has been many months in the making. As you know, ICC Global is a newly created online research network for those who are researching aspects of intercultural competence (ICC) in various disciplines and cultures. It is hoped that through the synergies/connections created through this network, the work on ICC research will be greatly amplified and enhanced through the connections of many.

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Reminder: Virtual Research Mtg, March 2

All - This is a reminder that our virtual research meeting will be starting soon (March 2).... simply post updates on your ICC research, any reseach issues/questions you have that you'd like to get this group's response on, as well as any insights/thoughts you've had based on your recent research work and then check back often throughout the day (and night!) on March 2 to respond to others' comments/postings too.... Looking forward to "seeing" you soon in our research mtg!

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Announcing Next Virtual ICC Research Mtg, March 2

We will have our next Virtual ICC Research Mtg on Friday March 2. On that day, pleae plan to log in and actively respond to research discussions on ICC Global - please be sure to post on that day any latest research update you have, along with research questions, and other reflections..... Please mark this date of March 2 on your calendar and plan to participate!

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What don't we know?

Here's an excerpt from a posting that just came through on the IAIR - International Academy of Intercultural Research of which I am a Fellow - it's from a colleague Paul Gorski who raises some key points and food for thought - would love to hear others' responses to the following - Pleae read and let us know what you think:

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ICC Research in 2012?

To all researchers in this ICC Global Network: What are your ICC Research plans/questions for 2012? Please post those here so that others can provide possible resources, ideas, support as you continue your ICC research....

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Announcing first 2nd Friday Virtual ICC Mtg - Fri Dec 9

Hello everyone! Tomorrow, Friday Dec 9, will be our first 2nd Friday Virtual ICC Mtg. At any time on the 9th, please post updates on any ICC research/work you've done recently as well as burning questions you have, ICC resources you've come across, etc. Ideally, please list as a separate posting so that you can receive/generate responses specifically to your posts. This will be an asynchronous mtg, so please do jump in to discussions at any time.... looking forward to reading about your updates!

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IDI & Intercultural Sensitivity: WorldView - Competence - Attitude?

Dear all,

A question I wrestle with regarding the IDI:

Despite the latest Hammer (2011) article I wrestle with the IDI as a competence-based instrument, as it is not behavioral, but neither is it only attitudinal. Initial publications said 'world-view'.

Do you, or anyone else, have a good reference on these distinctions in psychometric instruments (or specifically in reference to the IDI)? I would happily send virtual big gratitude points to anyone who can point me in this direction (although formulating my search here already is helpful to me.)


Michaela Carriere

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Announcing ICC Global Scholars

ICC Global is pleased to announce the ICC Global Scholars program. Designed especially for doctoral students, ICC Global Scholars are selected to be more actively involved in this ICC Global network. Responsibilities include a commitment to posting substantively at least 4 times per month (weekly), including any new or intriguing ICC resources, book or article reviews, etc. and then responding to others' posts in that month. This is a one-year appointment, which can be renewed.

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Summary of Research Discussion thus far - we want to hear from you!

Thanks to all who've posted about their ICC Research - thus far, we have:
* Michaela in The Netherlands who is doing research on intercultural ethical dilemmas - initially qualitative collection of the experience of the intercultural as an ethical dilemma.
* Marialuisa in Italy who is researching whether Cooperative Learning is an effective methodology to acquire intercultural competence
* Brenda in Mexico who is researching how to develop ICC among university students.

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