Research on Intercultural Contact Pathway of Chinese College Students from the Perspective of Intercultural Competence

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Based on a literature review and theoretical paradigm of intercultural contact, this study constructs a conceptual model and dimension scale of Chinese college students' intercultural contact, and explores Chinese college students' intercultural contact pathways and their significance from the perspective of intercultural competence. Through the exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis, the study conducts a series of reliability and validity analyses of the collected data, and the results demonstrate that the intercultural contact scale of Chinese college students has good reliability and validity. Moreover, the analysis of the main pathways and significance of intercultural contact with structural equation modeling shows that among the four pathways of intercultural direct contact, domestic social media are relatively most important, foreign social media are relatively more important, foreign intercultural communication activities are of general importance, and domestic intercultural communication activities are relatively least important; with respect to the two pathways of intercultural indirect contact, cultural products are relatively important, and multi-media and courses are of general importance; all the six pathways of intercultural contact are conducive to the development of intercultural competence. The results from the study provide important theoretical bases for relevant intercultural research and certain reference for the planning of international education and training programs.