observational check list for identifying ICC

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I am conducting a research on developing ICC of teacher trainees in a preservice teacher institute and developed the following check list to observe them during classroom activities .please give your feed back on it..Student name knowledge Attitudes skills Critical cultural awareness

Check list will be based on following cour columns against Student name,
knowledge Attitudes skills Critical cultural awareness

Each of them will be divided into six as follows
1. Knowledge- 1. Demonstrates knowledge about one's own culture .
2. Demonstrates knowledge about other cultures
3. Demonstrates Knowledge about the general processes of societal and individual interaction.
4. Recognizes inter cultural differences and similarities
5. Shows knowledge about causes of misunderstanding and conflicts between members of different cultural groups
6. Demonstrates understanding of the world from other's perspective

2. Attitudes- 1. Demonstrates willingness to learn about one's own culture
2. Displays curiosity to learn about other cultures
3. Demonstrates cultural sensitivity, tolerance of ambiguity and respect for other cultures
4. Displays readiness to suspend disbelief about other cultures and belief about one's own.
5. Demonstrates ethno relativism and empathy
6. Shows openness to people from other cultures withholding judgment

3. Skills 1.Demonstrates the ability to use acquired knowledge about one's own and other's cultures in real life interactions
2. Demonstrates the ability to engage in societal and individual interaction effectively and appropriately
3. Shows the ability to listen and observe attentively in intercultural situations and understand and appreciate cultural diversity
4. Shows ability to identify culturally conditioned assumptions, biases, and judgments of one's own and other's
5. Demonstrates ability to adapts behavior and shows flexibility in intercultural situations
6. Recognizes, analyses and resolves cultural issues using appropriate strategies
4. Awareness
1. Displays awareness of cultural diversity in society
2. Demonstrates self awareness of cultural identity of one's own and other's
3. displays awareness that different cultural situations requisite behavior modification
4. Displays awareness of self and others as culturally conditioned
5. Shows awareness that interlocutor's culture is reflected in their reactions
6. Demonstrates awareness on ones assumptions prejudices and biases about self and others

Each rubric will be given the following rating