Intercultural interview questions

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I am doing a collective case study on Saudi academic migrants studying graduate Applied Linguistics at my university for my dissertation. I have been afforded the opportunity to perform my research with one male and one female, which to the best of my knowledge would be the first research looking at the development of intercultural competence within this specific population and particularly from the perspective of a Saudi female. As I am not interested in measuring or assessing their level of intercultural competence, and simply want to explore their development, I'm hoping to make use of the elements which comprise Deardorff's Process model as a means of extracting such information (Attitudes, Knowledge, Skills, and Outcomes).

In that regard, is anyone aware of any research on intercultural competence that has utilized interviews or questionnaires to gain information on affective, cognitive, and/or behavioral orientations? I have reviewed relevant literature but have been unable to find specific interview questions which may elicit such information. In creating questions, I have found it particularly difficult to identify appropriate questions regarding attitudes. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated!