Intercultural competence for professional mobility (ICOPROMO)

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The ICOPROMO project recognizes that employees are increasingly faced with intercultural encounters in their professional contexts. The project focuses on strategies directed towards intercultural sensitivity and on mediation competencies closely linked with language learning and the professional world. The ICOPROMO project builds upon the Common European Framework and the European Language Portfolio and supplements their recommendations with some guidelines and materials for foreign language/culture education that are more focused on professional training. The project build upon the results of previous projects carried out under the auspices of the ECML, such as ODYSSEUS and others, and of the European Union, such as COST, INCA and ORACLE.
The rationale of the ICOPROMO project (Intercultural Competence for Professional Mobility) is to develop competencies that allow a more flexible and critical workforce that is more attentive to the subtleties of intercultural communication and interaction. Special focus of the project is on intercultural competence in professional contexts and in multicultural teams. In practice, the project objective is to develop a model of intercultural competence and a number of training activities to enhance professional mobility among the European workforce (employees and managers).
Final Outcome of the project will be a publication that will contain a thorough explanation of the main concepts underlying ICOPROMO’s Transformational Model on the Development of Intercultural Competence. A CD ROM will include a set of sample training activities designed to develop intercultural competence in multicultural teams.