ICC Related to International & Domestic Student Perspectives on Local & Global Refugee/Immigration Responses

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Does anyone know of sources for ICC research related to refugees/immigrants and empathy? I serve in the field of student development and am responsible for a small population of international students on our campus. Service learning opportunities demands continue to grow in the states but I’d like to develop a special research and service learning project that helps our international students consider how they might apply US community engagement back home.
I am preparing my proposal for a grant project that would engage international and domestic students in dialogue surrounding the world’s refugee & immigration crisis. I hope the project gives international students an opportunity to reflect on the crisis in their own communities and how they should respond. I also hope the domestic students would consider the world wide scope and for both groups to consider their social responsibility and response. Students from Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe would also engage in scholarly process by researching how their communities are impacted socially, economically, and politically by immigrants and refugees. The international students' work would contribute to dialogue & training on the day of the project as well as to the research. I’d like to include some aspects of ICC measurements specifically in the area of empathy. Please send me any resources you may think of.