ICC and Human Rights

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Hi everyone!

I was recently reading the Intercultural Competence Report developed by the SALTO YOUTH Cultural Diversity Resource Center in Europe (Bortini and Motamed-Afshari, 2012). I found their definition of ICC really interesting:

“qualities needed for a young person to live in contemporary and pluralistic Europe. It enables her/him to take an active role in confronting social injustice and discrimination and promote and protect human rights. ICC requires an understanding of culture as a dynamic multifaceted process. In addition, it requires an increased sense of solidarity in which individual fear of the other and insecurity are dealt with through critical thinking, empathy and tolerance of ambiguity” (pg 21).

I was excited to see that they had made reference to 'social injustice and discrimination' in their definition, as many ICC definitions do not directly consider cultural competency in terms of social equality and human rights. Has anyone else come across another ICC definition/approach that similarly mentions human rights? Much research on ICC focuses on transforming young people into culturally competent subjects so that they can succeed in the global world, which is, of course, important. But sometimes this focus on global success seems to overshadow the equally important notion that ICC is necessary in creating a world free from discrimination and intolerance.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this!