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Join the discussion on this ICC Global Community and website. What are your goals in joining ICC Global? What could make this a more useful resource to you? What would you like to see on this website? What discussions interest you most? What could be improved on the website? All and any feedback welcome!

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Cultural mentoring

Hello all:

I have come across the term 'cultural mentoring' in research articles that note this to be one of the most effective interventions in fostering student learning for intercultural competence (mostly in articles related to study abroad). For instance, the Georgetown Consortium study published in Frontiers by Vande Berg (2009) refers to this.

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Some upcoming ICC-related conferences, Fall 2013

Below are some upcoming ICC-Related conferences during the Fall 2013. Please post others as you become aware of them.

IAIE Conference: Unity and Disunity, Connections and Separations: Intercultural education as a movement for promoting multiple
identities, social inclusion and transformation.17-21 September 2013; Zagreb, Croatia

19th SIETAR Europa Congress: Global reach, local touch. 18-21 September 2013; Tallinn, Estonia

4th Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange.Intercultura Foundation et al.28-29 September 2013; Colle di Val d'Elsa, Italy

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Announcing new ICC Global Newsletter- contributions welcome (articles due October 15th)

Dear ICC Global members,
We are pleased to announce that the ICC Global e-newsletter is coming this fall! This will be a regular publication of the ICC Global network. This effort is being coordinated by Marialuisa Damini, an ICC Global Scholar from Italy. The goals of this newsletter are to further the scholarship on intercultural competence, to raise awareness of ICC studies and resources, to provide a peer-reviewed publication platform for ICC scholars, and to include news and updates on the ICC Global network.

We invite you to join in this new project. You can ...

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Free IC webinars at end of August 2013

Below is information about free upcoming IC webinars (not exactly on ICC but on related topics) - these might be of interest to those in the ICC Global network - Darla Deardorff

Hi all,
Thought you could be interested in some of these free webinars with faculty affiliated with the Institute for Intercultural Communication. Also, feel free to pass along to others who may be interested!

Exploring Multicultural Identity with Dr. Carlos E. Cortés : https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/130106561

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A new UNESCO publication on ICC - thoughts?

All - Here's the link to the new UNESCO publication on intercultural competences that just came out (this is the one that I was asked to be involved with a couple years back - and after many others' contributions, this is the final product) - I'd be very interested in your thoughts/reactions to this - especially since I'll be discussing it with colleagues from around the world at a UN-related World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Baku, Azerbaijan at the end of this month...

Link: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0021/002197/219768e.pdf

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Welcome to New ICC Scholars!

To the ICC Global Community: Please join me in welcoming 3 new ICC Scholars to the ICC Global Team: Zishu Chen from China, Joana Almeida from Portugal, and Silva Vilar González from Spain. You can find their bios under About Us. They join two other ICC Scholars: Amir Reza from the US and Mariluisa Damiani from Italy. Quite an international team!

If others are interested in becoming ICC Scholars through ICC Global, please email me at d.deardorff@duke.edu

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Posting to ICC Global

All - We are in the process of upgrading this site to make it more usable (many thanks for suggestions that you've passed along!) In the meantime, it would be best if you do sign your name at the end of the posting, so we can see who's posting... Many thanks! - Darla

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ICC GLOBAL website update

This is an update on the current ICC GLOBAL website - which is very rudimentary at present. First, thank you very much for your patience in bearing with us during this first phase of website development (and the basic nature of the website). Over the last few months, we have been engaged in exploring possible funding sources that would allow for further development of the website. In addition, if you or anyone you know, would be interested in helping to upgrade the website to make it more user-friendly, please contact Darla Deardorff at d.deardorff@duke.edu.

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ICC Global meeting - virtual asynchronous meeting?

For those who are part of this ICC GLOBAL network, it would be really good if we could hold a virtual asynchronous meeting to be able to have more of a discussion with each other - this could be on current research and ways to collaborate with each other (ie for funding, etc), or it could be on a specific topic of interest (such as ICC assessment)... if you are interested in an asynchronous meeting, please respond here or email Darla Deardorff directly at d.deardorff@duke.edu.

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ICC GLOBAL meeting - on Fri Nov 30 at IALIC conference

There will be an ICC GLOBAL meeting on Fri Nov 30 at the IALIC Conference in Durham UK (6 pm) for any who are able to make it to the conference. If you are planning on attending, please email Darla Deardorff at d.deardorff@duke.edu.

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IALIC CONFERENCE, Durham UK - Nov 30-Dec 2, 2012

International Association of Languages and Intercultural Communication (IALIC) Conference will be held in Durham, UK on Nov 30-Dec 2, 2012. Keynote speakers include Michael Byram and Darla Deardorff. See http://ialic.net/ for more details.

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Teaching resources/ideas

Hello All:
I wonder if any of you are teaching subjects related to Global Citizenship, intercultural awareness, global mindset, etc. to university students? If yes, how are you structuring the courses, what texts/articles are you using, and what teaching methods and experiential learning do you find most effective?
I realize this is a very broad question, but I am hoping we can share some ideas and resources that would serve those that wish to combine research and teaching.

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Welcome to a new school year! Let's discuss ... research!

All - A very warm welcome to all of you at the start of this new school year. Hope your school year is off to a good start. We want to extend a special welcome to those of you who have joined us in the last few months. Welcome to ICC Global - this is where we discuss current research on intercultural competence and in so doing, share resources, ideas and support. It is hoped that through this sharing and through ICC Global, that new synergies may emerge as we learn from each other.

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ICC GLOBAL on permanent server now... time to invite other colleagues!

It is my pleasure to offically welcome you to ICC Global, which has been many months in the making. As you know, ICC Global is a newly created online research network for those who are researching aspects of intercultural competence (ICC) in various disciplines and cultures. It is hoped that through the synergies/connections created through this network, the work on ICC research will be greatly amplified and enhanced through the connections of many.

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Reminder: Virtual Research Mtg, March 2

All - This is a reminder that our virtual research meeting will be starting soon (March 2).... simply post updates on your ICC research, any reseach issues/questions you have that you'd like to get this group's response on, as well as any insights/thoughts you've had based on your recent research work and then check back often throughout the day (and night!) on March 2 to respond to others' comments/postings too.... Looking forward to "seeing" you soon in our research mtg!

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Announcing Next Virtual ICC Research Mtg, March 2

We will have our next Virtual ICC Research Mtg on Friday March 2. On that day, pleae plan to log in and actively respond to research discussions on ICC Global - please be sure to post on that day any latest research update you have, along with research questions, and other reflections..... Please mark this date of March 2 on your calendar and plan to participate!

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Announcing first 2nd Friday Virtual ICC Mtg - Fri Dec 9

Hello everyone! Tomorrow, Friday Dec 9, will be our first 2nd Friday Virtual ICC Mtg. At any time on the 9th, please post updates on any ICC research/work you've done recently as well as burning questions you have, ICC resources you've come across, etc. Ideally, please list as a separate posting so that you can receive/generate responses specifically to your posts. This will be an asynchronous mtg, so please do jump in to discussions at any time.... looking forward to reading about your updates!

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2nd Fridays Virtual (Asynchronous) ICC Research Meeting?

Many thanks to Amir and Marialuisa for sharing their interest/support in a virtual monthly ICC Research Mtg... How would the 2nd Friday of each month work for ICC Global Network researchers to participate in an asynchronous virtual research mtg? This would mean setting aside at least a little time on every 2nd Friday to log in and post and discuss ICC research questions with each other.

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Announcing ICC Global Scholars

ICC Global is pleased to announce the ICC Global Scholars program. Designed especially for doctoral students, ICC Global Scholars are selected to be more actively involved in this ICC Global network. Responsibilities include a commitment to posting substantively at least 4 times per month (weekly), including any new or intriguing ICC resources, book or article reviews, etc. and then responding to others' posts in that month. This is a one-year appointment, which can be renewed.

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Suggestions, ideas for this ICC Global research network on intercultural competence?

For those who are members of this network community - welcome! You are the founding members of this global network - and your ideas and suggestions for how to help make this community more useful to you and more robust are most warmly welcome... please share with us yor thoughts here. Here are some ideas...

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