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Dear all,

as Darla has asked, I would like to re-introduce myself.
My name is Mattia Baiutti and I am a Ph.D Candidate in Educational Science at the Doctoral School in Humanistic Studies, University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (Italy) [Doctoral thesis submission: 31st October 2015]. I was a visiting Ph.D Researcher students at the School of Education, Durham University (United Kingdom) (October 2014 – March 2015). I graduated in Social Education (BA, University of Udine - Italy) and Philosophy (MA, University of Trieste - Italy). My main research interests are connected with intercultural and international education, intercultural communication and secondary school student mobility, intercultural competence. My Doctoral research is about the assessment of secondary schools students’ (16-17 years old) intercultural competence after one year abroad.

Darla has requested to share also articles written in non-English languages.
Therefore, I would like to post here an article which I have recently published: Baiutti, M. (2015). La competenza interculturale per pensare assieme un futuro possibile, MeTis, V, 1 332-339 DOI: 10.12897/01.00081
Abstract: In an interdependent world, the future must be not just thought about but also thought about together. The action of thinking together supposes an interaction between people which might give rise to conflict. This paper proposes that intercultural competence – foundation of intercultural communication – is a key competence to facilitate new thought created together within the interaction. To argue this hypothesis the notions of ‘competence’ and ‘interculturality’ will be considered; then, the concept of ‘intercultural competence’ will be presented and problematized. Finally, several implications for schooling will be analysed.
Here the link where you can read it:

Finally, I would like to share an interesting meeting I will attend: VI FORUM ON INTERCULTURAL LEARNING AND EXCHANGE (Colle Val d’Elsa – Tuscany – Italy 29th-31st October 2015). The title is: The school assessment of the intercultural learning of pupils during and after individual exchanges abroad.
Here the link of the program:

Best regards,
Mattia (Italy)

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