Introducing myself to the ICC Global Community

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Hey everyone,

I have recently joined the ICC Global Community and I am very happy to take this chance to briefly introduce myself. I have been working on ICC both as a researcher and practitioner for a while now - starting with my BA degree in "Intercultural Relations & Behavior" and continuing through my MA in "Management of Cultural Diversity" during which I also obtained an intercultural trainer certificate. I have worked in profit and non-profit intercultural training for a year before starting my PhD in Psychology for which I am doing research on intercultural competence development of university students and the possible benefits and challenges of peer-training formats. Besides the PhD, I am the Training Coordinator of Young SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research) and active as a freelance intercultural trainer (currently e.g. facilitating intercultural competence workshops for volunteers in Germany who work with refugees). I am currently living in Bremen in Northern Germany, but I have also lived in Australia and the Netherlands and spent quite some time in Sweden, the UK, and the USA (for field research, summer schools, etc.).

I am interested in a broad range of topics including non-Western conceptualizations of intercultural competence, the role of emotion regulation or emotion management and mindfulness in intercultural competence, assessment of intercultural competence (in particular in the Higher Education context), and how to facilitate intercultural competence development, e.g. via training.

I am looking forward to stimulating discussions with all of you and I would also like to contribute by summarizing some of the German ICC literature and its recent debates in English.

Many greetings from Bremen (in Northern Germany),