David Smith - Introducing myself to the ICC Global Community

David Smith's picture

Good morning to all in the ICC Global community. My name is David and I am a new student of global competence and intercultural competence but a long-term practitioner in many of its aspects.

I am originally from the UK (London) but have spent the last 20 years living and working in mainland Europe. This has included long-term residence in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania (where I am currently based). As a student of modern languages in the 1980s, I also spent 18 months living in France at that time.

I have extensive experience of delivering international development services in around 50 countries in Europe, Africa and SE Asia, primarily in public sector reform. This has also included the recruitment and management of multi-national and multi-cultural teams. I am currently studying for my Masters degree in Management from the Chartered Management Institute in the UK.

My appreciation of the importance of global and intercultural competence has resulted from my years of work and, often, of the mistakes I and others have made over that period. Also I hope from what I have learned along the way and the exposure I have had to so many different situations and cultures, particularly within the European Region.

I am now reading all available materials I can find on global competence to see where further improvements can be made, particularly in the area of international development but also more widely in the business field and how commercial and non-commercial organisations can support and work with academic and educational institutions to develop a common approach to the development of global competence, particularly within the European region.