ICC Development within a semester-long course (within a University setting)

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Dear ICC Colleagues:
My name is Ricardo Flores. I'm a professor at UNSW Australia Business School. I just joined this network and I was wondering if any (or several) of you can guide me in terms of some recent papers on ICC development within a University classroom (i.e., a semester-long intervention). I've been working on ICC development within this context for some time but I've relied so far only on psychological theories that saw 'ICC' development as a linear, monotonic process of CQ development. This approach seems to be the only one accepted/practiced within Business Schools courses but I want to make sure that I'm up to speed with all the relevant research before I take that opinion as the true on this aspect. My ultimate objective is to change my teaching practice, at the same time that I try to assess its impact on students' ICC, so I do all I can to effectively help my students to navigate their own ICC development.
I would also love to be in contact with other teachers who are facing the same (or similar) challenge (within the classroom and within their faculties--since many faculties seem to be less that prepared and willing to support these type of efforts within specific courses).
Looking forward to contribute to this network of colleagues,