Free IC webinars at end of August 2013

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Below is information about free upcoming IC webinars (not exactly on ICC but on related topics) - these might be of interest to those in the ICC Global network - Darla Deardorff

Hi all,
Thought you could be interested in some of these free webinars with faculty affiliated with the Institute for Intercultural Communication. Also, feel free to pass along to others who may be interested!

Exploring Multicultural Identity with Dr. Carlos E. Cortés :
When you think about crossing cultures, do you think about national borders? What about crossing cultures within countries or even within families? What does it mean to develop multicultural identity, and what should interculturalists be aware of when working with multicultural individuals and communities? Dr. Cortés will illustrate this phenomenon by reading from his autobiography before answering questions and participating in a discussion with the audience. Bring your curiosity, experiences, and eagerness to learn!

Place, Culture, Home, Identity: Meanings of Place in Our Lives:
Tatyana Fertlemeyster & John (Jack) Condon, Intercultural Facilitators
"Where is home? Is it the place where we were born? Or where our parents and grandparents are from, where their spirits reside? Is it where we live right now, or a place we want to return to or are still hoping to find? “Home” evokes such strong feelings, and is often so central to our personal and cultural identities. So shall we also ask, “what is home?” Join us in a conversation about home, place, culture and identity."