Welcoming colleagues to ICC Global!

Darla Deardorff's picture

All - It's been an exciting time for the ICC Global Network... we had another face-to-face research meeting during the Intercultural Horizons conference last week in Siena, with over 30 persons in attendance. As a result, we've had nearly 20 colleagues join ICC Global in the last week - so we want to extend a very warm welcome to those who've just joined us! And we want to invite you to introduce yourselves and share more about your own ICC work via postings in these discussion forums - we look forward to learning from and with you! Again, welcome and we hope to "see" you soon in the network postings! - Darla Deardorff

PS To all members of ICC Global - please do post updates on your current work in ICC (as well as ICC resources that have been helpful to you, upcoming ICC events, brief summary translations of ICC articles in other languages, etc) - we'd love "see" more of you too here!