Welcome to ICC Global - 2015-2016 school year!

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Welcome to all ICC Global members, especially to those who've just joined. We hope your 2015-2016 school year is off to a great start. Below are some profiles of some who've recently joined ICC Global (from around the world!) - this information is drawn from what was posted in the profile portion.

To all: You are encouraged to "start a new discussion" and (re)intrroduce yourself and your interests/questions around intercultural competence. As you'll see, we have members from all around the world and there's so much we can learn from each other. PLEASE DO POST AND SHARE WITH US!

Below are some action items for all members of ICC Global:
1) Please (re)introduce yourself and your ICC interests/questions
2) Please post about any ICC conferences you'll be attending this school year so other ICC Global members may meet up with you (this has happened at numerous conferences in the past)
3) Consider hosting an informal ICC Global meeting at any conferences you'll be attending (just invite persons and ask them to go around and share about their ICC research interests. If possible, please pass around a sign in sheet with name/email/institution and encourage them to sign up for ICC Global and then scan/email the sign in sheet to Darla Deardorff at d.deardorff@duke.edu)
4) Interested in being more involved in ICC Global? Consider applying to be an ICC Global Scholar, meaning you'd make a commitment to more actively respond to posts, as well as to post resources, etc yourself quite regularly here on ICC Global
5) Please consider posting here brief summaries of ICC articles written in other languages (ie Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, etc) so that the rest of us can at least be aware of the other work/research on ICC
6) Invite other colleagues to join ICC Global - especially those in different disciplines who are interested in ICC research

Thanks for continuing to contribute and network on ICC issues through ICC Global Here's to another great year!

Carine Ullom, Fielding Graduate University-Broadly speaking, my research interest is global worldview development among U.S. undergraduate students. As an early doctoral student, I have not yet refined my focus. I am interested in internationalization efforts (or lack thereof) among small, private colleges in the U.S. Midwest. I see these institutions as overlooked/under-resourced in terms of the tremendous internationalization efforts at universities in the U.S. in the past 20 years. Another interest area is that of global worldview development among adult learners, particularly those learning online. The literature seems to assume that internationalization is (and should be) taking place at brick-and-mortar campuses. Thus, I see this as another potentially overlooked area in internationalization and student development.

I`m Carlos Chancay Cedeño, I`m a candidate to obtain the degree of Phd in Science of Education in the Universidad Autònoma de Madrid in Spain, and my research is about: intercultural competences in English teachers from Ecuador, my researching is been focused in four universities from the Coast Region. I`m interested in receiving all kind of information which could help me to develop my literature review and also events you will organize. It will be a pleasure for me to be in contact with professors who have a lot experience in this area.

Nadine Binder, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), Germany - I am currently doing my PhD for which I design, implement, and evaluate an intercultural competence program (semester-long, integrated into the curriculum, combining faculty-led lecture elements and experiential sessions by peer-trainers) at an international university in Germany (75% international students). I am using a mixed-methods, longitudinal design combining self-report, situational judgment tests, interviews, focus groups, observation, peer ratings, and portfolio analysis and will compare participating students' intercultural competence development with that of a control group.

Angela Borchert, WesternUniversity ( London,Ontario, Canada) - I am currently developing curriculum for new programs in Intercultural Communication (ICC) in Modern Languages and Literatures, beginning fall 2016. The goal is to combine courses in the target languages and cultures of the Arabic-, German-, Italian-, Japanese-, and Spanish- speaking world with community service, internship experiences and study abroad to promote intercultural understanding and competence. The programs will be based in and accompanied by an E-portfolio to promote student engagement in synthetic critical thinking and imaginative, flexible and adaptable behaviour, and support the development of a respectful, ethical mind. Through instructional scaffolding and continuity, the E-portfolio will support transformative learning processes and program outcomes in the target cultures, and concrete and virtual community building

Zinta Konrad, College Of DuPage - I retired from the College of DuPage where I was the Director of International Education for over 20 years. I now consult in higher ed and work with NAFSA's Trainer Corps. I earned my PhD in African Languages and Literature from UW-Madison, Masters in French from Indiana University- Bloomington, and AB from Douglass College (Rutgers University). The second edition of my book on Ewe Comic Heroes: Trickster Tales in Togo, based on field research conducted in Togo, was recently published by Routledge Library Press. I served as a French language trainer for Peace Corps in St. Thomas, VI, preparing volunteers going to West Africa. am of Latvian heritage, studied 9 laguages, and speak three fluently. One of my current interests is refining my understanding of assessment and evaluation in order to use these tools properly and expand my knowledge of their application.

Karen Parish, Lillehammer University College, Norway - My PhD study is looking at how intercultural understanding is promoted in schools that offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the competences that this produces in students.

Kate Ala’I, Curtin University, Australia - I am interested in the process of developing and assessing intercultural competence in high school students and staff in the increasingly diverse student populations in Australian schools. We are currently engaged in research exploring ways to remove barriers to learning for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse students. Through this research, we have ended up at this point where a focus on ICC building appears to be the clear way forward.