How does intercultural competence unfold in practice?

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Despite the current emphasis on outcomes-based assessment worldwide, the question of how intercultural competence unfolds in situ is seldom addressed.
The latest cross-cultural research project of the Federation of the Experiment in International living (FEIL, sheds some light in this regard. This project was directed by Dr. Alvino E. Fantini and sought to explore the intercultural impact of exchange programs from this study abroad organization on the lives of alumni and host families from five different countries (Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and the USA).

I have been personally involved in the data analysis of this research project and believe it is of particular interest to all those working at the intersection of study abroad and intercultural competence. This research effort builds upon the (2006) well-known research project direct by Dr. Alvino E. Fantini, on behalf of the same study abroad organization, with the goal of exploring and developing a comprehensive construct of intercultural communicative competence (ICC).

The full report of the project is now available online at:
• See Part I for the 2006 research project
• See Part II for the 2015 research project

Joana (Portugal)