Research has shown that assessment of intercultural competence involves a multi-measure, multi-perspective approach, given the complexity of the concept (see Deardorff, 2009). This discussion forum is the place to discuss any assessment-related questions, including on specific methods or tools.

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Welcome to new members of ICC Global!

We've had quite a few new members join ICC Global recently and I'd like to extend a special welcome to all who've joined in the last few months. We are so glad you are part of this ICC Global community. Please do take a few minutes to post an introduction to yourself and your ICC research interests in these discussion forums.

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IAIR Conference in New York in June - and ICC Global meeting!

Hello everyone! I'm curious as to who will be attending the IAIR Conference in New York in June... there will be an ICC Symposium there led by Lily Arasaratnam-Smith and myself, with presenters being some of the contributors to the forthcoming book "Intercultural Competence in Higher Education: International Approaches, Application, and Assessment" (Routledge, 2017). I think it would be really good if we can arrange an ICC Global meeting there.

"Applying Research to Improve Intercultural Relations"

June 25 through 29, 2017

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How does intercultural competence unfold in practice?

Despite the current emphasis on outcomes-based assessment worldwide, the question of how intercultural competence unfolds in situ is seldom addressed.
The latest cross-cultural research project of the Federation of the Experiment in International living (FEIL, sheds some light in this regard. This project was directed by Dr. Alvino E. Fantini and sought to explore the intercultural impact of exchange programs from this study abroad organization on the lives of alumni and host families from five different countries (Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and the USA).

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Call for ICC Case Study Proposals - due Feb 15

This is an invitation to submit a case study proposal for how intercultural competence is specifically being developed and assessed in a course or program at your higher education institution. This can be from any discipline and can include both courses as well as extracurricular programs targeted to students, administrators or academic staff . Please forward this to interested academic staff/faculty who are addressing intercultural competence in their courses.

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Welcome to ICC Global - 2015-2016 school year!

Welcome to all ICC Global members, especially to those who've just joined. We hope your 2015-2016 school year is off to a great start. Below are some profiles of some who've recently joined ICC Global (from around the world!) - this information is drawn from what was posted in the profile portion.

To all: You are encouraged to "start a new discussion" and (re)intrroduce yourself and your interests/questions around intercultural competence. As you'll see, we have members from all around the world and there's so much we can learn from each other. PLEASE DO POST AND SHARE WITH US!

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Intercultural Competence Assessment in churches

Hi all! Could anyone suggest some valid and reliable instruments for assessing intercultural competence in churches as corporate organizations? I need the most appropriate instrument for my PhD research on intercultural competence in disciple-making in churches within culturally diversified cities in America.

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Tuning project, Europe

As promised to Darla, I hereby attach the Tuning Guide.
This Tuning Guide (and methodology) is used in our university and is a very practical method to introduce (the correct formulation of) learning outcomes, degree program profiles etc.
I also will add an example of a degree program profile of one of our programs. It is the description of our international business management program and includes a learning outcome on intercultural competence (development) - see page 5 of the DPP.

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Instruments for Assessing Domestic Student's Perception of International Students on the Home Campus

My university is conducting a three year review of its services for international students. Is anyone aware of a quantitative instrument created to assess the intercultural perceptions of domestic students toward international students within a residential setting on the home campus? Also, any recommendations for relevant literature would be welcomed.

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Article on Assessing 21st Century Skills Around the World

All - Here's another article from Education Week that may be of interest - if you know of other examples/resources related to this - please do post here - thanks so much! - Darla Deardorff

Assessing 21st-Century Skills and Competencies Around the World
By Anthony Jackson on February 12, 2014 4:01 AM

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Assessment article

All: Here's an article that was published earlier in Education Week that may be of interest - Reactions? - Darla Deardorff

How to Assess 21st Century Competencies: 12 Key Lessons
By Anthony Jackson on February 15, 2014 5:13 AM

Brian Stecher and Laura Hamilton, measurement experts at RAND, share the results of their study on how schools and districts should consider assessments for measuring competencies like creativity and global understanding.

By Brian Stecher and Laura Hamilton

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An analysis of the Assessment Tools for College Students’ Intercultural Competence

Based on the previous research of Byram’s , Fantini's and Deardorff’s ICC assessment model, this study attempts to have an empirical study on the intercultural competence dimensions and assessment tools. The intercultural competence dimensions investigated in this systematic and comprehensive study include awareness, attitude, knowledge, skills. By using explorative factor analysis(EFA) and certification factor analysis(CFA), this study has developed an assessment tool for measuring Chinese college students’ ICC, which has proved to have good validity and reliability.

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ICC Survey- Deadline, Nov 15, 2013

All - I am writing to invite you to complete a brief questionnaire on ways higher education institutions are defining and assessing intercultural competence. This should be completed by one respondent from your institution, either yourself or a senior campus leader knowledgeable about campus internationalization. The deadline for completion is November 15. The brief survey can be accessed at:

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Welcoming colleagues to ICC Global!

All - It's been an exciting time for the ICC Global Network... we had another face-to-face research meeting during the Intercultural Horizons conference last week in Siena, with over 30 persons in attendance. As a result, we've had nearly 20 colleagues join ICC Global in the last week - so we want to extend a very warm welcome to those who've just joined us! And we want to invite you to introduce yourselves and share more about your own ICC work via postings in these discussion forums - we look forward to learning from and with you!

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Update: 2nd ICC Global meeting held

All - This is to let you know that a 2nd ICC Global Meeting was held at the Intercultural Horizons conference this week in Siena, Italy, with 32 colleagues in attendance, representing quite a few different countries. We had a very good meeting and as a result, several new colleagues may be joining our ICC Global network. (The first ICC Global Meeting was held at the IALIC Conference in Durham England in December 2012).

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Special ICC Issue of IJIR - abstracts due Dec 16 2013

To ICC Global network members - do consider submitting an abstract to this special ICC issue of IJIR - Thanks, Darla Deardorff

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ICC Global newsletter articles - due Nov 15, 2013

All - This is a note to encourage you to submit a substantive article (only 800-1000 words!) on an ICC topic for the inaugural issue of ICC Global by the Nov 15 deadline, if not sooner - see below for details - Hope to receive articles from you soon! - Darla Deardorff

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Looking for expert raters in the area of intercultural competence/ intercultural education

Dear all,

I am looking for expert raters to validate an instrument as a measure of intercultural competence. If you have an expertise in the area of intercultural competence/ intercultural education or can refer an expert, please contact me via The participation may take 20-30 minutes of your time and will be of great value for the research.

Thank you,

Iryna Dzhuryak

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A new UNESCO publication on ICC - thoughts?

All - Here's the link to the new UNESCO publication on intercultural competences that just came out (this is the one that I was asked to be involved with a couple years back - and after many others' contributions, this is the final product) - I'd be very interested in your thoughts/reactions to this - especially since I'll be discussing it with colleagues from around the world at a UN-related World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Baku, Azerbaijan at the end of this month...


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What is, then, the right assessment instrument(s)? Is there one? Suming up....

According to the posts of our discussion group, it seems that choosing the right instrument(s) is a concern of all of us. Which conclusions emerge from our discussions? What is, then, the right instrument? Is there one? Is there a size that fits all?

Some of the answers/ideas that emerged from our discussion:
a) It’s important to precise what we intend to assess, how can the construct be operationalized

b) When adapting an instrument it’s important to match it to our research context and target population needs.

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Welcome to New ICC Scholars!

To the ICC Global Community: Please join me in welcoming 3 new ICC Scholars to the ICC Global Team: Zishu Chen from China, Joana Almeida from Portugal, and Silva Vilar González from Spain. You can find their bios under About Us. They join two other ICC Scholars: Amir Reza from the US and Mariluisa Damiani from Italy. Quite an international team!

If others are interested in becoming ICC Scholars through ICC Global, please email me at

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