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This website (currently under construction) is designed to facilitate active discussion among ICC researchers, graduate students, and practitioners based on topics. You are invited to sign up (be sure to complete your profile as completely as possible in order to be ensure approval for your participation in ICC Global) and then jump into an existing discussion or start a new topic. As you read through the discussions and postings, you will have the opportunity to vote on which postings you find useful.

A note on terminology: There is not consensus on terminology around “intercultural competence” since it varies by culture, discipline and field. Other terms that are often used in similar ways include global competence, cultural competence, intercultural communicative competence, international competence, intercultural maturity, cultural intelligence, cultural effectiveness, intercultural skills, global citizenship, multicultural competence, 21st century skills, global learning, intercultural learning, global mindset, global perspective, and so on. If you are interested in any of this, ICC Global is the community for you! Join us!

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